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We help people to love their job by showing them how to harvest their efforts and deliver shockingly beneficial results.
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We work with real people in the real world to drive innovation, to challenge strategic boundaries, to deliver projects on time, every time and to make sure every minute you invest returns true value.

Take the guesswork


OKR looks simple and is simple, but people tend  to over complicate this ground-breaking approach to target setting, alignment and delivery. Just like riding a bike, with a little practice you will soon learn to focus on where you want to get to instead of being distracted by the mechanics of the process.
Progress Factors is a team devoted to enabling healthy change and driving innovation. We believe there is no such thing as a complex solution – that’s just a workaround. We simplify to the core in order to find those few important things, which really make the difference.
As one of Europe’s first ever OKR consultants, we have meanwhile trained and coached over 1000 people in the most diverse range of companies, markets and teams. We know how to create the right culture and provide everything you need to turn frustrating, yearly goal disappointments into delivering results, above and beyond all expectations.

Let’s adapt!


We have made it our purpose to help as many businesses and organisations as possible to adapt to these changing circumstances and use them as a springboard into a new, better working world. We are on hand to help you navigate through the VUCA world, establish responsive strategies whilst learning how to test and adopt innovative approaches
There is nothing normal at all about what’s going on in the World today, but luckily strategic pivot is business as usual for Progress Factors. Finding opportunities, helping people collaborate and swiftly re-aligning priorities is what we do.

Adaptive Resilience


Let’s work together to identify your true priorities, set goals which matter and decide which kind of delivery method will work best for you.
Let’s establish an outcome driven, learning culture to embrace new ways of working & close the gap between dreaming of and delivering your desired future.
Let’s dig into the details of where you really are and what’s over the horizon to ensure your business is ready to take on any challenge, and your team can take decisions with confidence, so that you profit from the right opportunities



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We’ve read all the books and visited the conferences so that you don’t have to. Combining our own deep experience of how to change with new ways to work from the greatest minds of our time, we’ve developed and refined a suite products, which will truly push your needle.

„Not what or how much, but why is the key”


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„Don’t grip too tight if you want to accelerate”


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„Harvest what you learn to profit from your labours”


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Our team of internationally experienced professionals also love their jobs and have a healthy desire to share their experience, making lasting changes to your organisations. We understand what needs to be done to implement change at larger organisations and make the leap to the new working world. Mastering the balance between culture, knowledge and process, we ensure your teams remain motivated and future-proofed. Responding to digitalisation, transformation, customer-centric drivers and people transformation needs, we are one of the longest standing providers of OKR training in Europe. Having started over 10 years ago, we have combined OKR with our own proven methodologies, striving to deliver 10x more impact, 10x quicker than expected with a healthy desire on all sides for more.

copyright Isabel Meyer

Founder of Progress Factors

Areas of Expertise:
Human Factors, Transitional Change, OKR (Objective and Key Result), Post-Merger Integration, Strategy

Nick has completed projects at blue chips such as Rolls Royce Aerospace, BMW UK, Airbus, Volvo, Bosch, Daimler, Fresenius, Sartorius and Voith, but he is also proud to have carried on supporting many SMEs all over Europe.

About Nick:
Nick Stanforth is the founder of our company and a Progress Coach who describes himself as an Innovation Advocate with a strong emphasis on human factors. Having studied Physics, his career began as an automotive Engineer, Project Manager and Supplier Development Engineer. With both OEM and first tier supplier experience, he was invited to leave the automotive sector and take over responsibility for an SME leading them through a critical transformation chapter. Eight successful years later, the company’s business model had completely pivoted and Nick left his MD role in 2009 to become a freelance consultant, later founding Progress Factors in order to deliver true, measurable and beneficial change.

Areas of Expertise
Leadership and Management
Change Management and Business Transformation
Sales management and strategic sales processes

Leadership trainings with international leadership teams
Individual coaching with managers, board members and managing directors
Change management consulting and workshops
Consulting and training on sales
Managing director HR Consulting & Coaching
Diagnostics: DISG and assessment center

About Marita
Marita Wölwer is a graduate in business administration, multiple certified trainer, NLP master trainer, provocative coach, certified psychological consultant / personal coach,
Senior Coach in the Quality Ring Coaching and Consulting, QRC e.V
Marita has led international teams for over 15 years, 7 of them from London.
Since 2008 she has been working independently as a consultant, coach and trainer. With her husband and 2 children she lives in the south of Munich.

Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images for Harlequins

Areas of Expertise
High-Performing Teams, Culture and Compliance, Decision-Making, Resilience.

Tom has completed projects with Latham and Watkins LLP, DHL, Schroders, Societe Generale. The Rugby Football Union, Harlequins Business Academy and Mishcon De Reya LLP. He has also worked within the charitable sector on a pro-bono basis.

About Tom

Tom Williams founded his Learning & Development business following a 17-year career in Professional Rugby. Initially a player, Tom performed under the spotlight for 13 seasons before moving into coaching and mentoring. He helped write and deliver Harlequins’ own L&D platform designed at upselling and delivering high-impact workshops to key sponsors and clients.

Tom is regularly invited to deliver his keynote speech on Culture, Compliance and Decision-Making across multiple industries across the world.


Areas of Expertise
Business Transformation, Innovation Processes, Customer Centricity, Change Management

Sales / Commercial and General Management in multi-national company;
Design Thinking & Lean Startup driven Innovation Management;
Consulting and Coaching of diverse teams in disruptive change processes;
Workshop Design & Facilitation

About Christiane
Christiane is a graduate in business administration – currently enrolled into a new disruptive and highly practical MBA program (part-time). In the past she has successfully managed diverse teams and projects in different Sales / Commercial and General Management roles in several countries. Christiane has a broad and deep track record of implementing change programs helping teams & leaders to apply new ways of working and to change mindset.
She lives in Munich.

copyright Robert Koppe

Areas of Expertise
Operational excellence, production & logistics,
lean production systems, turn around management,
start-up management

Several years of experience as a manager in the areas of business process modeling, industrial engineering and contract logistics
Several years of international experience as a consultant for process optimization (production & logistics),
Interim manager for start-up management in the automotive supply industry and as a trainer for the transformation process into lean production and logistics processes
Freelance consultant for renowned consulting companies (restructuring & lean production) and in virtual networks to support companies in the series and process industries in various sectors

About Robert
Robert stands for a holistic approach in his consulting. It is important to him to fundamentally involve employees in the change process in order to achieve sustainable optimization of business processes.
In addition to a theoretical input, the practical experience in using the methods for process optimization is an important building block for achieving sustainable changes in his consulting’s.
He relies on a transparent goal-setting process in connection with the constant measurement of the achieved performance and a short-cycle deviation analysis (shop floor management method).

Progress Coach, Personal Coach & Trainer

Areas of Expertise:
OKR (Objective and Key Result)
Motivation and Support for Individual and Corporate Change Processes
Health Management

Trainer and Coach of various kinds of top athletes and VIPs
Personal Coaching of managers and board members, e.g. at Lidl, Geberit, Airbus, Telekom
Author and Keynote Speaker
Developer of the Körperführerschein® (body’s licence)
Business owner and managing director of Joachim Auer Health Management and BewegungsWERK (MotionFactory)

About Joachim:
Joachim Auer has a Diploma in Sport Science from the Technical University of Munich. He was 10 years head of the psychotherapy in a large rehabilitation clinic. Since 2006 he works as an independently Coach and Trainer.

Progress Coach

Areas of Expertise:

Performance Management, Strategy Execution, Change Management, Commercial Excellence, Digital Transformation, Predictive Analytics, Goal Management.


Jan Paul has had several roles in Sales and Sales Management in the ICT industry before founding his own business called Objeqts BV and ‘GreatinOKRs’. He has been a successful entrepreneur, always working on awesome results in the activation of people in their daily work. Together with Nick, Jan Paul is co-founder of the OKR Centre for OKR Excellence (ecoe). A foundation that takes the concept of OKRs to the next level in Europe.

About Jan Paul:

Jan Paul strongly believes that engagement doesn’t equal performance. An engaged workforce is crucial, but in the end it’s all about the creation of value, outcomes and results. Putting people’s strengths to use and creating an environment in which people can work to their natural best, is a guiding principle in all of his work. It all drills down to connecting people to and aligning them with company strategy.

With his background as an organizational sociologist he truly believes in the importance of collaborating teams, transparency and happiness at work. His skills and experience in business economics ensure that he never loses sight of the bottom line impact that he am realizing in anything he undertakes or does. Tangible results really matter to him.

Areas of Expertise:
Delivering complex e-commerce and digital transformation projects
Digital product leadership
OKR (Objective and Key Result)

Jonathan is a senior product development professional with 20 years experience in e-commerce and digital transformation.

His broad experience of the end-to-end delivery of challenging projects spans organisations of varying size and complexity (start-ups to Bluechip – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Expedia, lastminute.com), with teams spread across the globe.

About Jonathan:
A creative thinker, during his career Jonathan has worked in a range of roles. He is very effective in motivating and getting the best from the teams he works with, as well as engaging and communicating with customers.

Jonathan has his own digital product consultancy and lives in the UK.

copyright Isabel Meyer

Areas of Expertise:
Commercial, Sales and Marketing, Management/Leadership, Business Development, Transformation Management, Operational Excellence, Mentoring and Coaching, Governance

About Suzanne:
I am a globally experienced leader, passionate about making a positive change. I have operated at an executive level within major automotive OEMs and with first tier suppliers. I can speak English and German, currently located in Cologne, Germany.

Working as part of the Progress Factors teams enables me to help our clients work to embrace the future. Key challenges like Agile@work, Authentic Marketing, Digitialisation, IOT require experience, passion and results focus to support transformation. Having led organisational growth and change, I enjoy using using the power of cultural diversity to drive solutions leading to improved business performance. My international experience means I see the bigger picture and work collaboratively to find solutions to fit. I have experience both within the Board and also understand the skills required to work with the Board. Transformation is here through the pressing challenges of IOT, digitialisation, millenial work requirements driving increased importance on Employer Branding.
I look forward to working with you.

copyright Martin Krumbein

Areas of Expertise
Strategy Development and Execution, Target Setting and OKR, Sales Management,
Business Development, Organizational Development

Martin is working with leading SME´s (German Mittelstand) in different industries like pharmaceutical, electronic devices, software, retail, mechanical engineering etc., helping them to drive fulfillment on their growth strategy and to significantly increase sales.

About Martin
Martin is founder and owner of onTarget, a consultancy focusing on strategy and execution. Driven by the question „How do organizations get from a strategy to results”, Martin left the corporate world to start his own company 3 years ago. Before going on his own, Martin has been working 16 years for a German Hidden Champion in different Business Development, Sales and Leadership roles.  He is passionate about goals, sales, coaching people in achieving amazing results and about Borussia Dortmund.


Chief of Finance

Areas of Expertise:


About Carola:

copyright Jörg Sarbach

Areas of Expertise:
Enabling Excellence with Creative People; International Multi-Project Management, Cross-Cultural Social Media and Marketing.
In her own words Corinna “has joined our team because she loves working with real people in the real world and wants to help each project deliver above and beyond expectations”.

Corinna spent half a life-time working with big and famous orchestras like The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover and Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz. With her own company OpusEinhundert she masterminded the conceptual and delivery side of big, audacious cultural projects. Together with over 100 musicians and creatives of all ages at a time, she worked on substantial (sometimes year-long) international projects and delivered OpusEinhundert’s purpose: to deliver sustainable cultural impacts all over the World.
Her last project before joining Progress Factors was “Daheim-eine Odyssee” in Konstanz, and we sincerely hope she will carry on taking sabbaticals from time to time in years to come and share her great talent for event organization.

About Corinna
A talented musician herself, Corinna was honored with the “Emotion award” (Emotion Verlags GmbH) for her approach to combining an impressive career with her family of three children and her husband working in journalism. She was born in Wiesbaden, speaks French, German and English fluently and after many years living in Bremen she moved and settled at the Lake of Constance bordering onto Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

PA Nick Stanforth & Projects

Head of Sales

Areas of Expertise:
Sales, Project Management and Customer Services

Alex has always worked in sales, whether it be in Financial Recruitment, Fashion or Account Management for a Magazine company.

About Alex
Alex is a graduate and a born sales person. The side of sales she most enjoys is getting to know people and selling them what they need. Alex has played high level netball but enjoys all sports, in particular, skiing, running, tennis and walking. She lives in London with her 3 young children and husband.

Head of Progress Programs

Areas of Expertise:
Software Applications, Leading and Managing Teams, Customer Service , Project Management

Frank has 19 year experience in hospitality management working for top 5 star hotels and private members clubs around Europe. He has a great knowledge of team building, coaching, training as well as project managing refurbishments and software implementations.

About Frank:
Frank is a graduate candidate for Master of Business Administration, he has a National Diploma/ BA in Hospitality Management in Marketing and Economics. Frank has led diverse teams for over 10 years with focus on customer service and exceeding expectations in London/United Kingdom. Since October 2020 he has joined Progress Factors as head of progress programming.

Frank Behnke leads our software development at Progress Factors with responsibility to our new Adaptive Resilience Virtual Lab platform which has created lots of interest with our clients.

Student Trainee

Areas of Expertise:

Research, software development, process documentation, communication


Due to his studies, Tom has theoretical knowledge in a wide variety of fields, such as Marketing etc.

About Tom:

Tom is studying business administration in Bremen and is meanwhile working for Progress Factors. He is looking forward to get practical insights into work from management consulting to project management and software development.


About Patrick
Patrick has successfully completed his Abitur and is now training to become a forwarding and logistics merchant. Meanwhile, he supports progress factors and benefits from insights into software development and project management.

Area of ​​Expertise
Research & analysis, software development, process documentation

As a prospective businessman for forwarding and logistics merchant, Patrick brings practical and theoretical knowledge as well as experience, such as organisation, customer service and process optimisation with.



Let’s get one thing straight from the start: sustainable change comes from within, not from external pressure. We like to think we know a thing or two, but our work is worthless without all of you.

“Progress Factors is the perfect long term partner for our Company Culture initiative because they provide professional but easy to use tools customized for our needs. The workshop was run in such a passionate and catchy way, that all participants were highly motivated and empowered.”



“Casual, but never careless.”



“We are approaching new subjects, in new ways, which is giving us new ideas and leading us to chances outside our usual daily business.”


“It felt like waking up and saying ‘wow – impressive what I could achieve in such a short period of time!’.”



“Our hypothesis was, that if OKR has helped so many other successful international companies from diverse markets to profit from alignment and transparency, it could also help us – and we can now definitely confirm this hypothesis”




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