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It’s time to rid the workplace of boredom and depression. It’s time to reconnect with why we applied for our job and feel the value in what we do every day.
We are ready to work with you and your teams in a transition process to Embrace the Future, by finding relevant ways for your organisation to deliver good honest 10x impact on your results. We have a portfolio of tools and tested methods to deliver a stronger, more motivated team who truly love what they do.
Based around our flagship framework Win With OKR, we can help you transform your culture in a sustainable way, creating internal champions, who will keep your business agile and successful taking advantage of constant opportunities and new ways to work in an ever changing world.
Our diverse portfolio of customers, share just one thing in common: the desire to deliver radical, sustainable and responsible change whilst increasing their staff’s feeling of personal well being.

What is your idea of Progress?

Our Products


The future will be different to today. Our team of Progress Coaches identify the need for targeted support across the whole business and offer a range of specific programmes to help you during these changing times.
Having worked with 1000s of Individuals in a diverse mix of markets and company sizes, we have already made an impact within 50 Companies all over Europe.
Our programmes we see as the way to transform the well being of your organisation by creating  the right stimulus for the parts of the organisational BODY.

As our flagship product, Win With OKR is a holistic framework focused on change. Having trained, implemented and coached around 1000 people using OKR – Objective & Key Result – we have developed a fail-safe methodology to take your organisation onto the next level and “embrace the future”.

You can find out much more about Win With OKR, by clicking here.

Win With OKR helps your teams set the right priorities, creates a culture of collaboration, takes the guesswork out of progress and drives innovation in all that we do.

That’s why we refer to Win With OKR as the BRAIN in your transition journey – driving the right decisions, choosing the right business models, testing out hypotheses to ensure that the right conclusions are drawn for the future of your business.

Team Of Winners is at the HEART of your organization, because a successful team is a motivated team, pumping energy through its veins. Treat your teams like humans. Motivate them to do the right thing, celebrate small successes, allow them to grow.

We’ll help you to communicate effectively with your teams, to remind them why they chose you as their employer and how to become an employer of choice for the next generations. Whilst managing your talent, involving your teams in meaningful activities, you will underpin the very purpose of your organization.

A purpose driven, agile organisation requires a different kind of structure than a traditional, old-school business. There is simply no time and no energy for meetings without decisions, internal politics and long emails, holding motivated staff back from doing what really matters.

Structural Transition addresses the SKELETON of your organization because it provides a framework for each and every interaction, enabling efficient collaboration and communication to drive progress in all that we do. Effective meetings structure, appropriate use of technology, targeted knowledge management all ensure that the teams remain motivated and effective both during and after your transition process.

The MUSCLES of the organization do the work and there are many incredibly strong and effective new ways of completing tasks, but how do we find the right methods for our business and, more importantly, how can we avoid wasting time with empty buzz words?

We make the future straightforward, so you can benefit from new working models right away.

We read the books, visit fairs, build the network to trusted partners and test out each new model ourselves so that you don‘t have to. Our team applies many years of experience, understanding your requirements from hands-on operational careers and help you implement the latest approaches with success. Our work will have good honest impact on your 10x better business.

Not all that glitters is gold and not every new working model is better for your specific business case your current workflow. We get so frustrated seeing clients struggle with processes which sounded great on paper, but have little practicle application in their business.

Just like the VEINS in our body, Process Excellence keeps your business running at a healthy rate. Through first-hand experience with the New Working Models combined with our best-practice knowledge of traditional workflows, we can advise where best to keep tried and tested ways of getting things done, then support your teams to optimise the traditional processes and align them to the new, agile methods you implement elsewhere.

Choosing where to change, where to stay the same and harmonising each choice during the transformation phase is critical .



Our team of internationally experienced professionals also love their jobs and have a healthy desire to share their experience, making lasting changes to your organisations. We understand what needs to be done to implement change at larger organisations and make the leap to the new working world. Mastering the balance between culture, knowledge and process, we ensure your teams remain motivated and future-proofed. Responding to digitalisation, transformation, customer-centric drivers and people transformation needs, we are one of the longest standing providers of OKR training in Europe. Having started over 10 years ago, we have combined OKR with our own proven methodologies, striving to deliver 10x more impact, 10x quicker than expected with a healthy desire on all sides for more.

Founder of Progress Factors

Areas of Expertise:
Human Factors, Transitional Change, OKR (Objective and Key Result), Post-Merger Integration, Strategy

Nick has completed projects at blue chips such as Rolls Royce Aerospace, BMW UK, Airbus, Volvo, Bosch, Daimler, Fresenius, Sartorius and Voith, but he is also proud to have carried on supporting many SMEs all over Europe.

About Nick:
Nick Stanforth is the founder of our company and a Progress Coach who describes himself as an Innovation Advocate with a strong emphasis on human factors. Having studied Physics, his career began as an automotive Engineer, Project Manager and Supplier Development Engineer. With both OEM and first tier supplier experience, he was invited to leave the automotive sector and take over responsibility for an SME leading them through a critical transformation chapter. Eight successful years later, the company’s business model had completely pivoted and Nick left his MD role in 2009 to become a freelance consultant, later founding Progress Factors in order to deliver true, measurable and beneficial change.

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Areas of Expertise:
Commercial, Sales and Marketing, Management/Leadership, Business Development, Transformation Management, Operational Excellence, Mentoring and Coaching, Governance

About Suzanne:
I am a globally experienced leader, passionate about making a positive change. I have operated at an executive level within major automotive OEMs and with first tier suppliers. I can speak English and German, currently located in Cologne, Germany.

Working as part of the Progress Factors teams enables me to help our clients work to embrace the future. Key challenges like Agile@work, Authentic Marketing, Digitialisation, IOT require experience, passion and results focus to support transformation. Having led organisational growth and change, I enjoy using using the power of cultural diversity to drive solutions leading to improved business performance. My international experience means I see the bigger picture and work collaboratively to find solutions to fit. I have experience both within the Board and also understand the skills required to work with the Board. Transformation is here through the pressing challenges of IOT, digitialisation, millenial work requirements driving increased importance on Employer Branding.
I look forward to working with you.

Areas of Expertise:
Social Media Expert, Backoffice

About Sophia:
Sophia is our professional in social Media.
She also ensures that all processes in the background and the processes with our customer run smoothly.



We at Progress Factors understand how important employee well being is for your success. We are dedicated to supporting positive cultural change processes which have the employee front of mind. Healthy, positive change which drives performance.
We have links to partner groups who offer ‘well being at work’ training and also are committed to raising the issue of mental health in the workplace in Germany through our Minds@Work initiative.
Whether today’s delivery performance is lagging or you are concerned about strategic threats on the horizon we are experienced in managing change just outside your comfort zone. Therefore our approaches are strong on collaboration, communication, connectivity and commitments – key elements in ensuring that your Employer Branding remains strong and attractive to employees, next generation employees and of course your customers.



Let’s get one thing straight from the start: sustainable change comes from within, not from external pressure. We like to think we know a thing or two, but our work is worthless without all of you.


“Casual, but never careless.”



“We are approaching new subjects, in new ways, which is giving us new ideas and leading us to chances outside our usual daily business.”


“It felt like waking up and saying ‘wow – impressive what I could achieve in such a short period of time!’.”



“Our hypothesis was, that if OKR has helped so many other successful international companies from diverse markets to profit from alignment and transparency, it could also help us – and we can now definitely confirm this hypothesis”




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