OKR – Interview with Sascha

There is a revolution taking place in the logistics sector, which will make the leap from camel to truck feel like a baby step.
We caught up with Sascha who works for probably the best-known vehicle manufacturer in the World.
As a data scientist, he and his team uses OKR to help create all our futures.
What has changed?
OKR enhances transparency and brings clarity. Every single person defines objectives which are aligned with the strategic goals of the company. Before OKR, we didn‘t really see what role our part played in the bigger picture, in the true, main Objective.
On top of that, we never really visualised where we want to get to within a specific time period – we never really put thought into this.
With time, we got a lot better insight into what the others were up to and vice versa. The big advantage is everyone joins in your conversation, tells you what they think about your work and that‘s so beneficial.
What about the trainers…?
The whole approach was playful – no classroom teacher stuff, just having fun whilst learning OKR.
You could tell that they really, honestly wanted you to succeed, even though we weren’t the easiest of teams with our small-team closed approach.
What’s it worth?
You work closer together with OKR and get to the core of your goals. Then you dive even deeper, sharpen your senses and ask yourself where you really want to get to.
OKRs are all about what you dream of achieving, what’s the point and what value will you add. That’s what I mean with sharpening your senses.
Then cue transparency – everyone should intuitively understand your goals.
The Unexpected
I didn’t expect you can structure your goals and tasks that accurately, that you can give them a form and define them so clearly.
To take the immeasurable and make it measurable. I believe that‘s at the core of OKR.
Once you’ve done that once, you see that it really does work. And if you can get everyone to understand that fact, you see it makes sense for the whole organisation
Top Tip:
Focus on working together, setting the goals collectively delivers unprecedented transparency. In the end everyone understands the team’s goals and how their work pays into that goal, how what they enjoy has an impact. Be open and give OKR a chance – take it seriously and give it an honest try.
Make it your top priority, as far up the tree as you can and make it part of your company’s strategy.
In a nutshell:
OKR makes your own work transparent and also the work of those around you. If you do it right, OKR makes what you do more rewarding. The bottom line is you have more fun at work with OKR.
The benefit for the company is motivated employees and better results.
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