Loving your job – oh come on!

Okay I’ll admit that our taglines are not that conventional and we’ve had to get use to the fact that some clients greet us with a certain level of scepticism. Phrases like “nice sales idea” or “I don’t need you to love my job” are not uncommon in kick-off workshops, ironically, especially when we meet someone who mostobviously does not love what they do.

The good news for all of us is we have learned how to accept those initial comments and delivered best practices to get over that first cynical hurdle. It doesn’t take long for people to remember exactly why they applied to work at their current employer and really wanted to get that job, even if it was a long time ago.

The next step is trickier and relies on the right personal bonds between our Progress Coaches and their clients, because it’s all about collective progress. In other words, not waiting for the others to change before behaving like the person we want to actually be.

By focusing on the added-value of every action, we soon move the dialogue from the personal to the actionable level, bringing focus to the job at hand and the results it should deliver and once that happens, the rest is plain sailing.

Like drawing back the curtains on a sunny day, teams see the chances they have been missing for so long to deliver meaningful results. The sufferers see how to stop suffering and the performers learn how to stop judging.

You see the simple truth is that a team delivering meaningful results is a motivated team. People who can see a direct relation between what they do, what is means and how people truly benefit from those actions are people with a feeling of worth.

We refer to the smile-curve, because whilst teams are temporarily motivated to act when a project or company is close to failing, true, intrinsic, perpetual motivation comes from one thing and one thing only – the feeling you are making a difference.

People might think our taglines are ridiculous when we first meet, but it seldom takes long for them to draw back the curtains and recognise just how many emotions, efforts and potential are wasted each day around the world. Companies underperforming with teams who do not feel they are having an impact on their company’s mediocre results.

Let’s help a few more people to truly love their jobs!