Double your turnover in a flash with the Logitec Neuralyzer*

Einstein once said that craziness is about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
About 5 years ago, I set myself the #BHAG that each and every one of our workshops is a truly #life changing experience. Like so many BHAGs before, we were amazed what’s possible with the help of #Focus and totally over-delivered. Here’s how.
The first step was to recognise that, regardless how much engagement we got during the workshop, only a small minority of clients were actioning the tasks they set themselves after the workshop. Most simply went back to their desks and just carried on as they did before the workshop.
We noticed that those few who did drive #audacious change were the ones who printed out some of our slides and hung them in the office as a reminder of what we discussed and decided.
So we got rid of those long sets of minutes, which nobody was reading anyway, bought video cameras and shared short, regularly blogs after the event.
We even learnt how to programme simple apps at #Decoded (Link) (who are amazing) and created the #PocketProgressCoach where people could download our tools and cheat-sheets and easily find those films without searching through their inbox.
We then developed some “shockingly beneficial” team-games to open people’s minds to how easy #beneficial change can be.
All of this was great and there’s a whole other blog series about what we learnt along the way, but the one thing that has driven more change more than anything else was the invention of the #Logitec Neuralyzer
At the start of each workshop we explain our Logitec Clicker is a special edition Men In Black Neuralyzer Clicker that will emit a blinding light at the end of the workshop, which will completely wipe our clients memory of the last 48 hours.
Those who look into the light will forget the tools, ideas, group decisions and #NewWork methods we discussed in the workshop. They will go back to their workspace and carry on as they did before.
Even better: those who look into the light will book us to come back and hold exactly the same training again next week – which is great for turnover!
So next time you go to a workshop and worry you are wasting your time, make a conscious decision in the first hour to avoid the Neuralyzer effect. Then maybe, just maybe you can pass the Einstein test and drive real change when you get back in the office.
Good Luck
*PS – to anyone who takes us too seriously (especially if they are a lawyer working for Logitec or Sony Pictures 😉 Please excuse the slight bend of the truth – the message of our story is a lot more truthful than the device we use to convey it.