Don’t lock the kids out!

2020 will probably go down in history for holding the record of the fewest April’s fools jokes and I promise this article is 100% truthful from the heart.
Together with a team that #Marvel Comics would be jealous of, we are busy building our #ADAPTIVE RESILIENCE support and had a fantastic Kick Off with all of those AR heroes two days ago. What struck me was how most of the attendees started by saying how young their kids are and how they hope we can get through the telco without being disturbed.
People – we are all at home and we all have kids, why are we shutting them out?
Sure, if we don’t let the kids into Mom or Dad’s office/ living room / cupboard under the stairs, things will be quieter, but don’t you find web meetings too dull as they are?
What would really happen if your own dressed up as Spiderman Hero ran past the meeting in the background, other than everyone smiling and feeling a little better connected for a moment?
At the risk of sounding like an old Innovasaurous Rex, I remember going with my brother and dad to work during school holidays as a kid. He was the manager of a small company, which basically pimped cars and we loved it. Some of his colleagues were super special people and we were thrilled to be part of that team for a day.
We even once got to stand on a box waving out of the sunroof of a customized Chevy in amazing “Leeds Lord Mayor’s Parade”. We spoke about it for years to come! (btw that extra unnecessary, should have been edited out sentence is my guilty pleasure in this post, because the memory of that day just made me smile so much)
I know, I know, our own teenage kids were young once and there’s a danger younger kids will interrupt your meeting, but if we’re honest, most of us are probably less overworked than before the crisis and we have room for a little more slack in the boardroom than normal.
Besides, kids tend to disturb more when forbidden. Let’s give them a task, ask them to help or even join in, at least to hold our hand. I truly believe my first impressions of work with my Dad and later as a school kid / student taught me more than a lot of days I spent at school.
So please, let’s take this an opportunity to blend more humanity into our workplace, just like you are blending more work into your homelife!
Let’s tackle Coronavirus, #growstronger and make a #betterfuture