Embrace the Future

Whilst the world around us seems to change at an unprecedented rate, we at Progress Factors, guide teams and organisations through the rapids of transformational change, introducing new working models, building a collaborative organisation to support them and transforming corporate cultures into purpose-led, scalable agile teams.
The common myth is that people don’t like change. The truth is quite the opposite. Whilst people embrace change at home, buying the latest gadget and watching the newest TV shows, they often don’t recognise the benefit of change at work. Why bother changing if the current system works just fine? It’s our job to help them see how change can benefit them.

Blue Button

Whilst buzz words like Big Data, AI, Agile, Working Out Loud may sound daunting, they also bring immense opportunities and our role is to guide you and help decide which methodology makes sense for which part of your business. This can be the whole organisation, specific departments or teams.

With Human Factors at the heart of all that we do, we simplify to the core, relate to reality and make those new opportunities accessible for all. Our Progress Coaches will be with you through the journey to support teams who drive change and, most importantly, also interface-teams who are effected by thatchanging environment.

We build the strong bonds between action and outcome easy to comprehend, constantly removing what we refer to as Bottle Necks of GrowthTM. As your New Ways to Work become truly scalable, they form the heart of your wealth generator.

The result is a robust, future-proof, outcome-driven, collaborative learning organisation built on the shoulders of people who deliver real impact, each and every day.