About Nick Stanforth

About Nick: Nick Stanforth is the founder of Progress Factors and a Progress Coach who describes himself as an Innovation Advocate with a strong emphasis on human factors.

People hate change? – Oh give me a break!

People hate change? - That's a lie! There’s a myth that doesn’t want to die. It’s cornier than the end of Terminator 2 (no offence, Arnie ;)  ) – people keep saying that they hate change. Go search for the most cling-to-the-present, grouch in the office and ask them what made them that way, [...]

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Embrace the Future

Embrace the Future Whilst the world around us seems to change at an unprecedented rate, we at Progress Factors, guide teams and organisations through the rapids of transformational change, introducing new working models, building a collaborative organisation to support them and transforming corporate cultures into purpose-led, scalable agile teams. The common myth is [...]

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