About Nick Stanforth

About Nick: Nick Stanforth is the founder of Progress Factors and a Progress Coach who describes himself as an Innovation Advocate with a strong emphasis on human factors.

Amazing Result!

Amazing Result! As someone who has worked from home and remotely for ages now, I’d like to quickly share this really important tip before the weekend. It’s time to pat yourself on the back. Let’s be honest, if you don’t, who will? Here is how I have done this for years now… Well Done [...]

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Don’t lock the kids out!

Don't lock the kids out! 2020 will probably go down in history for holding the record of the fewest April’s fools jokes and I promise this article is 100% truthful from the heart. Together with a team that #Marvel Comics would be jealous of, we are busy building our #ADAPTIVE RESILIENCE support and had [...]

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