Amazing Result!

As someone who has worked from home and remotely for ages now, I’d like to quickly share this really important tip before the weekend. It’s time to pat yourself on the back. Let’s be honest, if you don’t, who will?
Here is how I have done this for years now…
Well Done Everyone
In times like these where so much changes so quickly, we tend to pile the “To Dos” in front of the “Dones”. In other words we see the problems and forget what we have achieved.
So before you jump on your Friday Skype-Beer with your colleagues, take time out, check your Trello board, scan through your sent mailbox, look at all those Teams and Zoom meetings in your diary, read the crossed out items on your list, think about how you balanced home-schooling with home-working and, if you’re like me, throw each completed post-it task one-by-one in the bin – then start to smile.
Regardless what you do, you will have achieved many things this week and many of them will be invisible to you because you are not in the office / factory / at the customer to see them.
WELL DONE! Now switch off your mails and go party!