2020 Vision – I can see clearly now

There are so many blogs at this time of year telling us how difficult it is to achieve.
What a waste of time – telling people they are doomed to fail and what a waste of your lifetime to read that stuff.
You have set so many goals in the past. Sure you missed some, but you achieved a whole bunch of them too.
What if you sat down invested time in your thoughts on how to hit targets?
One of the common themes we see in our OKR projects is how many people tend to rush into the new OKR cycle
without dealing with the past. They’re desperate to get their new goals set and see reflecting
on what just happened as an unproductive luxury – at least until they have tried it.
Your chances of success are directly proportional to how much time you spend understanding
what went well and what held you back in your last goal cycle.
What if you sit down right now for just half an hour and think about what went well last year
and what helped you to deliver those few amazing success stories?
What if you invested this time before thinking about your new targets?
What if you then ignored all the buzz words, stopped wasting time discussing the difference between a mission, vision, objective and target?
What if you forgot the semantics all together?
What if you freed yourself from the “realistic goal” trap?
What if you simply wrote down on a blank piece of paper what you dream of achieving this year and
what would be a great way to close the first quarter?
Imagine what you would love to tell your partner, colleague, dog or priest at the end of March?
Can you imagine that conversation? Can you tell them why you are so proud of those achievements?
How’s about sticking that piece of dream paper on your wall where you see it every day?
If you know your dream and can describe why that dream is so precious to you, you will have a clear vision in 2020.
If you spend more time reflecting than planning, you also know how to achieve it.
Succeeding is fun and way simpler than most people think – good luck!